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Social Contribution

Goals and Direction

  • The direction for 2017 social contribution activities

    Support and contribute in a way that the social contribution and sharing activities can help those in needs practically.

    Organize WGTO International Organization to promote the cooperation and exchange between urban and rural areas.

    Open Daejeon Special Olympics where the handicapped and the none-handicapped mingle in an arena.

  • Field of activity

    Selection criteria: consistency, social issues, strategic social contribution, effects, etc.

    Field selection: social welfare, local community, education and culture, overseas activities

Social Contribution Activities

To be faithful in fulfilling the social responsibilities of a sound company, MBG has carried out a variety of social contribution activities, in which the entire executives and staff members participate, from the early days of the establishment.

In the future, MBG, as a contributor and social company, will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities and grow with the local communities by expanding its corporate culture of sharing with the neighborhood.

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