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Quality management

MBG Quality Charter


Super-first-class quality to impress customers

First-class quality that impresses customers

3 Core Values

  • First-Class Quality that Impresses Customers

  • WE respect basics and principles and eliminate deviations and waste.

  • WE pursue mutual growth based on trust and communication.

Quality Management Policy

MBG is a company that manufactures and sells hydrogenous water, high-frequency massaging equipment, nickel sulfate, and cultured shrimp, and produces electricity using wastes. We set up our quality policy that puts customer satisfaction on top priority based on new technology and thorough customer trust, as follows.

  • 1.

    We carry out works for customer satisfaction and make an effort to put in action "Quality Charter".

  • 2.

    We eliminate deviations and waste by standardizing process approach and works.

  • 3.

    We strive for mutual growth with our partners based on mutual trust and smooth communication.

  • 4.

    We review our quality on a regular basis and induce a change in our awareness and perception of quality.

  • 5.

    We pursue customer-oriented quality management to secure their trust.

Quality Management Strategy

  • Quality Goals

    We contribute to improving profitability through stable production and supply of products.

    We standardize manufacturing process and stabilize product quality.

    We pursue mutual growth through maximized collaboration synergy.

  • Promotion Strategies

    We growth to a company of 5.3 trillion KRW in sales.

    We maximize the family synergy effect on trust and communication.

    We foster global talents through the customized development of competency.

Quality Management System

MBG pursues to be the global No. 1 company in the field of nickel sulfate production technology by establishing and implementing the optimal quality management system. And it creates the best custom value and business performance through continuous development and improvement.

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